Quote Freak

I said I have a love of words and I sure do. I have spent years compiling quote after quote in book after book. I am very active on FB and subscribe to many quote pages. Quotes inspire us, lift us, move us, fill us and always manage to speak the words that we are thinking or feeling. Every time I read a quote it seems to apply to me or fit a mood or feeling I am having at that moment. Coincidence? I think not. Somehow, somewhere another person has been in our shoes, walked the same road we have, felt the same pain we have, shed the same tears we have, smiled the same smile we have. It is called the common threads of life and we all have them.


Stories from the heart does not always mean it will be a story. It may be a poem, a quote, a memory or a picture because they all hold the same meaning, they each tell some kind of story. When I express myself it can be anyone of these ways and more.

I love it that people can touch us in many ways along with words, after all where do words come from but people. I have learned that people can be loving, caring, consoling, giving, selfish, hateful, prideful, mean, arrogant, deep, open, shut down, confused, uplifting, negative the list goes on. I have met them all, and I have found that the closer I got to becoming 50 I took at deeper look at the kind of people I wanted around me. No longer do I want people around me who pull me down or are negative. I want uplifting and caring people to surround me. I want someone who “gets” me, understands who I really am and still accepts me and cares. Because let’s face it, it all comes back to words.


Yes, there will be more to come so always “stay tuned”.




My world of thoughts.

I have had this strong desire for so many years to write, write and write ! It seems like I have so much going on in my mind all the time and words are always filling my head, and I always find myself grabbing a journal or notebook of some kind just to fulfill my urge to write something down.

I am going to keep a running blog of short stories ( or try at least). I have always had the hidden desire or dream to write a book for as long as I can remember. May this be one step in that direction. I invite you to follow along and see what transpires.